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Saturday, 26 April 2014

'Good' Morning 13th Birthdays :(

On Thurday 24th April 2014, I was struck hard by the curse of ageing. It was so bad, that I even forgot that it was my birthday until I came downstairs for breakfast... I am very concerned...

So basically my alarm clock so very KINDLY decided to wake me up 10 minutes early than usual and I flipped. Now, to some people I may start to seem very over-exaggerate about this, but OTHERS WILL KNOW. I need my power sleep - how else am I supposed to get energy for fangirling?!

(True dat, but Clocky has other opinions...)

Okay, so I got dressed and washed etc. etc. and headed straight downstairs. I saw two envelopes on the table in front of the stairs - then it clicked. I was old. In each envelope was a card from each of my parents. The first one I opened was of a creepy goggly-eyed cat with an afro, and was from my dad. Here's the funny part - my mum forgot to write a message the card that she gave me. She even forgot to write my name! And HER name! For god's sake she forgot to seal the envelope... then again, she was never much of the card or gift giving person. The last time she gave me a gift was when I was 8. Since then, I just got hugs (yay)! I'm used to it though.

I DIDN'T EVEN GET A SPECIAL BREAKFAST! Just the usual, you know - Weetabix Bitesize. I HATE the normal Weetabix, but once for a whole 4 months straight I had to have it for breakfast :( . I actually quite like the Weetabix Bitesize to be honest, but for today I would have preferred a more savoury breakfast - PANCAKES!

Anywho, that's any year come and gone. I feel different, but I'd kill be be 12 again.

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